Patient Reviews

If you looking for a qualified surgeon then look no further. Dr. Manny Ashraf and his staff are the most dedicated group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I had reconstructive work done on my upper teeth. Dr. Ashraf gave me that beautiful smile I once had. I am smiling and loving life thanks to him. I am so very pleased to have met such a fine group of professionals.

Dolores H, (New Rochelle, NY)

We are so glad that Dr. Ashraf is our dentist. We have full confidence in Dr. Ashraf and he is by far the best dentist we have ever had. In addition to this, his staff is both professional and cheerful. You could not ask for anything better in dental care.

Joan and John W. (Yonkers, NY)

Hi Dr. Ashraf, this is Christy B.

Thank you again for your concern and for being so nice, it has been so refreshing as my experience moving here from the south has been quite a culture shock and sometimes I just wanted to run back down south! When you actually called to check on me this morning I thought I might stroke out! Lol

It is wonderful to know there are still people out there who really care.

Christy B. (Harrison, NY)

Dear Manny,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything that you did for me regarding my teeth whitening molds. You were incredibly patient with me each time there was a problem, and the final mold you made for me is unbelievable. I was really touched by how much extra you did for me and how special you treated me. I just want you to know that what you did for me did not go unnoticed.

Thanks again,
Seth G. (Scarsdale, NY)

Dr. Ashraf, Nina, Tina, and Cathy are like my family Together we make a great team and always look forward to greeting fiends of the practice, old and new. As an assistant and also a patient of Dr. Ashraf’s, I have witnessed day in and out his compassion and dedication to his patients.

Jackie (New Rochelle, NY)